From its origins in South America, across the Atlantic Ocean, brought to life in the creative clutches of Berlin, Club-Maté now vagabonds throughout the world. From the artists of Berlin, to poets & painters in Paris to musicians & mad-men in New York, and now finally to the pristine shores of Aotearoa.


Club-Maté (pronounced MAH-tay) is the beverage of choice for musicians, artists, painters, pirates & revellers alike. All night at the club or concert, all day at the beach, conversations in a cafe or on the road like Jack. Find your voice, your thirst for life, your great adventure. The rebel, the beat, the poet. Demand your freedom. 

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Club-Maté (MAH-tay) is a carbonated, yerba maté tea-based drink that has become a cult hit across Europe. Club-Maté harnesses the unique activating powers of the yerba maté plant, a common tea extract used for centuries across South America.

Club-Maté is an unrivalled beverage that promotes a state of heightened experience and relaxation. Elevated state of mind, body and soul. Refreshing, Invigorating, Adventurous.

 •  Naturally caffeinated (no peaks / no crashes...smooth to the last drop)

 •  Approx. 1/2 the sugar content of Red Bull & Coca-Cola

 •  Vegan friendly

 •  Eco friendly

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